April 26, 2012

Tax Day weekend at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA, eventually turned out to be a good one for the Life’s Good Racing!TM team as we competed in Time Trials Unlimited (TTU) during a NASA race weekend.  I say “eventually” because we were plagued with electrical gremlins that we struggled to isolate and eliminate during the testing day Friday.  Thanks to the TrackMasters group for putting on another great event that Friday which provided us with the testing forum.  We were able to squeeze in minimal track time because of the electrical issues, combined with some torrential downpours in the morning.clip_image002_0008

With Charles’ help on electrical and setup, I was able to hit the track Saturday, running in TTU, and pull down a fastest time of 1:58 and change.  More work was obviously required as we struggled with the same push we experienced at Infineon Raceway the last time out.  We knew the car had so much more in her as both the power and braking seemed to be very strong. Rob Cancilla of San Jose recently freshened the motor and Hawk Brake pads continue to give us that stopping advantage that we enjoy on all our cars.  Additionally,  AIP has us optimizing our electrical charge while ClutchMasters ensure we can hook up all that power.

clip_image004_0004Dave Brown proved our suspicion that there was lots more in the #69 as he set not only fast TTU time, but overall fastest TT time, AND a new Thunderhill TTU course record of 1:54.249!  The car was obviously hooked up so much better than Saturday AND we know she has more to give once we (again) resolve the push issue.  Great driving on Dave’s part regardless as can be seen on the YouTube video I posted two days ago: CLICK FOR VIDEO

We are currently in the lead in NASA NorCal in TTU points after the first Infineon weekend and expect to remain there after this last Thunderhill weekend.  And, “Thanks!” Kevin Smith for putting on another great, well organized, safe and sane TT event!  You are the master!

clip_image006_0003One final note on the weekend is that Life’s Good Racing!TM team dedicated its efforts to Tommy Olivier, who is battling cancer.  We have all been touched by those who have fought aggressive health issues and wish Tommy and his loved ones the best in his battle.  We continue to send him all our strength and prayers.  Live Strong Tommy! clip_image008_0000
We had planned on competing at Buttonwillow Raceway April 21 during the Western Endurance Racing Championships (WERC) in our new 5th generation Camaro Stock Car, however it is not yet completed and ready for competition.  You can see pictures showing its status on the front page of the website.  We opted to not flog the Lancer for that weekend and continue focusing our efforts on completing the Camaro Stock Car with the target of readying her for the May 19/20 weekend at Thunderhill Raceway.  That weekend will prove to be extremely busy with a four hour WERC race, a two hour USTCC race and Time Trials in the 1969 Camaro!

Back to work on the Camaro Stock Car….

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