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December 28, 2009

From the time I understood that cars could be raced, I knew some day that I would race cars.  By the age of ten, I had posters of race cars on my wall, played with Hot Wheels, was a regular at the local slot car track, and regularly pestered my father to take me to the race track.

I remember going to the drags and experiencing the raw, explosive power of those cars and the associated auditory and olfactory sensory overloads. However, it was the trip to Laguna Seca in the mid 1960s when I had the rare, good fortune to see Jim Halls Chapparal battle the McLaren which cemented in my mind that I would hit the road courses some day.

Forty years later, here I am. I have fulfilled both a lifes dream and a lifes goal (Im a huge believer in the power of the written goal). I am now an amateur race car driver preparing for my fourth year of racing, and my second year as co-driver of the Life’s Good Racing! TM team. And, this is so much more than a dream come true as I formed this team with the help of three very close buddies which makes this that much more special!

Karl Chicca, Campbell, CA

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