March 10, 2010

The first race weekend at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma is in the record books.  Three races and three second place finishes.  We are proud of our efforts, but a bit disappointed in our results.

2010InfineonThe weekend was not without the normal challenges associated with a first race weekend of the new season, along with some items we need to add to our “learning list.”
Not taking anything away from our competitors this last weekend, the Life’s Good Racing!TM team entered these races with limited experience with our new suspension set-up given changes required to meet new rules interpretations received late in the off season.  These rule changes affected our team only and required that we go back to the drawing board for our set up.  The result was a significant amount of adjustments over the course of the weekend along with some positive indicators that we are on the right path, including two new course lap records for CMC2:   Infineon Long Course: 1:55.416 and Infineon Short Course: 1:53.003 (these require final confirmation from Timing & Scoring) .  Clearly we are on the right path for speed; we just need to work on optimizing the car for consistency throughout the long races.

Just to make things interesting our transmission became stuck in 4th gear in the Life’s Good Racing!TM Camaro during the warm up on Sunday morning! With only 20 minutes between warm up and the day’s first race our new car chief Charles Roberts amazingly diagnosed & resolved the shifter issue just as the field was rolling out onto the track..  Dave Brown drove into the hot pits as the green flag dropped for the start of the race and entered the track  on cold tires at the back of the field.  Dave’s superior driving skills were displayed as he chased down the field, overtaking almost everyone and eventually passing the second place car to secure second place of our own within just a few feet of the finish line!  What an exciting finish!

All in all, a significant amount of learning upon which to build as we move on to our next race at the Auto Club Speedway (“Cal Speedway”) in Fontana, California the weekend of March 13 and March 14.  We have a long season in front of us, and starting off on the podium in the first three races ensures that we will be a force to contend with.

Thanks again to our sponsors for their continued support of the Life’s Good Racing!TM team and for their fantastic products:  Hawk Performance, for their superior brake pad technology; AIP Electronics, for their expertise in ignition systems; and ClutchMasters, for our multi-race winning clutches!

Karl Chicca, Campbell, CA

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