Thank you HAWK Performance

KarlChicca1“Thank you HAWK Performance!”  Those were the words yelled through the radio by Dave Brown after he executed an unbelievably gutsy pass entering turn one at high speed in this last Sunday’s CMC2 race at Willow Springs that allowed the Life’s Good Racing!TM Camaro to take the lead and hawk2eventually win the race.  He later explained that the high level of confidence he now has in our braking system because of the Hawk Performance pads allowed him to go deeper into the corner than he would have ever done in the past.  To sum it up, Dave added, “we won that race because of Hawk.”

dave2Dave won Sunday’s race by taking the lead with that aggressive move five or six green flag laps into the race that followed several caution laps resulting from the Spec Miatas playing bumper pool in the first turn of their race just ahead of the CMC/CMC2 race start.  He held onto the lead the remainder of the race and finished a commanding three car lengths ahead of the nearest competitor.

That win capped a successful CMC2 race weekend where Dave earned two wins out of three races, along with one pole.  His first win on Saturday was in a hard fought battle with the second place finisher, who was all over the Life’s Good Racing!TM Camaro in almost every turn.  Dave was able to stave off every pass attempt and hold the lead throughout the entire race, taking Saturday’s race in a showing that had the crowd yelling and clapping.

willow2He had one fourth because of a broken suspension component suffered in the first lap of Sunday’s Qualifying Race in the very high speed Turn 8 corner.  He safely brought the car into the back paddock where Charles was successful in reassembling it in order to run Performance Touring “B” (“PTB”) Qualifying only an hour later.

In PTB, Karl Chicca–racing the Willow Springs track for the first time–qualified second for both the Saturday and the Sunday races.  He navigated through a crowded and diverse field comprised of everything from spec racers, Honda Challenge Cars, and a team of very fast RX8s, to earn two second place finishes in PTB.

The Life’s Good Racing!TM Camaro performed flawlessly–other than the one suspension mishap–with the help from ClutchMasters,AIP Electronics, and Hawk Performance.

kaitlin2It was also great having Kaitlin Chicca, my daughter, back on track as she returns from a one year break from participating in NASA’sHigh Performance Driving Experience (“HPDE”).  She made use of dad’s BMW 335i to first learn, and then tear up the Willow Springs track in HPDE.  For those not familiar with this program, it offers a forum for anyone to drive their own cars on track with an instructor, who provides one-on-one guidance that supplements classroom sessions held throughout the day.  This is an excellent way to experience high performance driving in a safe and sane manner, along with providing an introduction to maintaining high speed car control, passing, driving the proper line, etc.

We are looking forward to our next race weekend at Infineon Raceway the weekend of June 26 and 27.  We have extended invitations to our fans to come out and see what our amateur racing is all about.  We welcome any and all who are interested to visit us.  We will have a large blue EZ-UP that is highly visible with the Hawk Performance and ClutchMasters banners we proudly fly at each event.  Come out to the races and get up close and personal with the cars and competitors.  Unlike professional racing, you have immediate and open access to the pits and can meet the drivers, ask them questions, and see the work being done on their cars.

See you at the races!

Karl Chicca, Campbell, CA


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