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Back at Miller

We’ve had a bit of a break in the action at  Life’s Good Racing!TM as of late for a couple of reasons, which I will get to shortly, however the excitement this weekend is that we’re back at Miller!  It’s been quite a while, almost Miller_Park_logothree years in fact, since we competed in the 2010 NASA National Championships in CMC2 and PTB in our 1995 Camaro.  Flashing back to that weekend, Dave crossed the finish line first in the Championship race yet was DQ’d for a front  radiator air deflector that had a 3” section that was 1mm too low to the ground and I took third in Performance Touring B Class in my first National Championship competition.  Great memories, even though some were good and some were not so good.

clip_image002_0016Miller is one of the more unbelievable tracks we visit with wide expanse of the track, the panoramic views from every angle, the diverse offerings at the facility, combined with the accommodations at the track itself with those great garages.  We’re glad to be back and at it at Miller where we will be competing in US Touring Car with both #18 Mitsubishi Lancer and #12 BMW M3.  We did not take the #96 Camaro.


We, or as I should say, I have been challenged with some health issues as of late which keep me from making the Miller trek and driving the wicked fast #96 Camaro down that endless front straight.  I cannot tell you how much I was looking forward to pushing 170mph+ down that straight going into turn 1.  I’m covering the home base handling social media updates while the team is battling for round #2 of the 2013 USTCC Championships.  Be sure to follow our updates on both Twitter LifesGoodRacing! and Facebook throughout the weekend.  And, oh, I’m on the mend and expect to be back at it at Laguna next month!


A quick update on the venerable #69 Camaro….  The motor is being finished up this week and should be at Life’s Good Racing!TM HQ by the end of this coming week or early the following week.  We’ve kept the details under wraps so as to not tip our hand with our competitors as to what’s coming their way.  What I can tell you is that its carb’d, 415cu in displacement, and will have approximately 635HP and 565lb/ft Tq at the flywheel.  I cannot tell you how much excitement there is in the garage over this new powerplant.  Stay tuned for more.


As always, we cannot thank our sponsors HAWK Performance, WORKS Motorsports, Competition Clutch, Supertech, and Redline enough for their continued and on-going support.  Without their products and knowledge we would not have the success in our endeavors that we do!


See you at the races!

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