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USTCC Round 3 at Laguna Seca

clip_image002_0001We are VERY busy prepping for this weekend’s races at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in Monterey  for Round #3 of the US Touring Car Championships where we will have THREE cars in each of the races if all goes as planned.  But first, a recap on the USTCC weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah two weekends ago….

Life’s Good Racing!TM had two cars in each of the USTCC races Saturday and Sunday.  Dave Brown was piloting the M3 and John Klusendorf the Lancer Ralliart.  In Saturday’s race Dave masterfully piloted the M3 to a second place and John, on this track for the first took a respectable fifth.

Sunday’s race was a bit more exciting, however.  John, unfortunately experienced an issue in the hot pits and was unable to make the starting grid on track for the standing start.  Dave lined up in P2 and at the drop of the flag jumped into the lead.  He held the lead for almost a full lap while fighting off two very fast competitors, each of whom were driving M3s.  And then the excitement….

Miller has a VERY long straight followed by a very fast turn one and turn two.  Dave came through turn one only to find the leader out of control in the dirt on driver’s side right.  As he  approached turn two, the spinning car shot across the track towards him, forcing Dave to make an evasive, very fast off-road excursion at 90mph through the dirt!  The rear video cam shows Dave missed the car by only a few inches!!!  I’ll have video up shortly showing just how close this was.


The mishap put Dave in fourth position, a distant 20+ seconds behind the car in second place, however he had the majority of the race left.  He closed that distance and pas  sed in the last lap and held on for second!  Heroic driving by Dave!!!

And, now on to Laguna Seca for Round #3 of USTCC.  We will have both the the Lancer and M3 in Touring Car and will also have the #96 Camaro in GT class Life’s Good Racing!TM will be fielding three cars in one race for the first time!

There will be action both Saturday and Sunday so come out and join us.  We have reserved garage #10.  If you do happen to show up, drop by and say hi.  We enjoy seeing our fans at the track.  If you’re not able to make it, we will be posting updates on both our Facebook page and on Twitter.  Find the logos above in the website banner, and click them to immediately link.

As for the 1969 Camaro, we will not have the new powerplant fully installed and operational as we had planned for this weekend.  We will, however, have it out very, very soon.  We cannot wait to experience a 100HP+ increase in the Beast.

And as always, we cannot thank our sponsors HAWK Performance, WORKS Motorsports, Competition Clutch, Supertech, and Redline enough for their continued and on-going support.  Without their products and knowledge we would not have the success in our endeavors that we do!

See you at the races!

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