It’s Almost “Miller Time” Folks!

We are less than two weeks away from the second round of the 2015 US Touring Car Championship race weekend at Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City.

What does an idle crew member like me do in between “Life’s Good Racing!” race weekends? Go to every local track day or race event he can, that’s what!

This last weekend I was at Laguna Seca helping LGR team member and customer Shannon Fry while he raced with SCCA in the Super Production group with his 2006, 900hp NASCAR #70 Dodge Charger. All in all it was a great weekend. We had to deal with some timing issues and after that was resolved Shannon qualified second in class and fourth overall Saturday afternoon for Sunday’s race. On Sunday, Shannon finished second in class and 10th overall in a field of 37 cars. Shannon drove a very good consistent race and improved his overall lap times in the car while having an awesome time doing so! I have to say I enjoyed myself too this weekend watching tons of cars in different classes and races. Plus my son Andrew was there helping as well while Shannon put on new graphics on the rear quarters of the car plus Andrew did a nice detail job on the car. (Clean race cars are faster. Ask any driver/owner!)

Andrew listening to Shannon tell a tall tale below.

1ANDREW-SHANNON What’s more fun than a day at the track?

I will post more later as we get closer to our USTCC event at Miller June 19-21.

Dave Pittenger “Pitt”

1AMOVIE #70 walk-around before Saturday qualifying.


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