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Welcome to our New Site!

Team Life’s Good Racing!TM is proud to introduce our new website that has many new and exciting features while maintaining many of the same attractions you have enjoyed over the years from our previous site.

Before filling you in on some of these new facets, let’s talk racing. We’ve started our new year out with significant successes. (I) Karl Chicca competed in the #96 Camaro in a NASA Super Unlimited event during the March 14 & 15 Sonoma race weekend and took two consecutive prodiums, fnishing 3rd in each of the Saturday and Sunday races.

In April, the team travelled in force to Buttonwillow Raceway for the first United States Touring Car Championships event of the 2015 Season, a two hour day/night Enduro. In Touring Car Class, Beau Borders, returning from the 2014 season to pilot the #12 M3 started the race from the pole position with Karl Chicca in the new #11 M3 in fourth and Mauricio Lastres in the #10 Mitsubishi in 5th. In GT Class, Dave Brown started on pole in the #96 Camaro.

Life's Good Racing Performance driving training

There was a bit of confusion at the standing start as the cars were not properly positioned when exiting the hot pits, however at the drop of the green flag Dave Brown kept his lead position in GT while Karl Chicca moved up to lead the Touring Car Class, passing multiple cars – even a GT class car – on the launch. He held that position for the first couple of laps. Beau Border slotted in behind Karl and, unfortunately, Mauricio Lastres, was not able to complete the first lap.

The race started about 45 minutes before sunset which meant that the drivers.had to endure driving into the setting sun, which seemed like most of the race! I know that for me, going into the “Bus Stop” part of the track was all muscle memory as I was driving virtually blind at this point all the way through Riverside! What’s scary about that is that this section is some of the fastest of the track!

Each of the four cars was set up–. in varying degrees–. to handle the darkness, and in particular the #11 M3 was a late completion and had no testing either for handling or for darkness, which meant I had my hands more-than-full for driving in the dark!

Life's Good Racing Performance driving training

Dave Brown was leading the GT class handily with at least a 30 second lead nearly 60 minute into the race when the #96 Camaro cut out on him, stranding him in the infield of the track. This was an unfortunate turn of events given the commanding lead he was enjoying along with lap time significantly better than the competition. Subsequent analysis would show a fuel pump issue.

The race dragged on for two hours with Beau Borders crossing the finish line second and Karl Chicca fourth in Touring Car class. After-race impound testing would show that the driver crossing the finish line first would not pass impound inspection which resulted in Beau taking the win and Karl taking third! Team Life’s Good Racing!TM … two podiums the first race of the season!

Life's Good Racing Performance driving training

With subsequent points given to drivers providing in-car video, Beau is in first and Karl is tied for 2nd going into the second race of the season at Miller Motorsports Park outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, June 20 & 21.

Another accomplishment from the Buttonwillow race weekend is that Team Life’s Good Racing!TM earned the honor of Cobra Top Team Award with the combined, highest finishing cars in both Touring Car and GT classes!

Life's Good Racing Performance driving training

Back to the new website…. In addition to all the features you liked in our prior site, we now have a listing under “Performance Parts” of all the parts we sell to other racers and enthusiasts. Additionally, we are sharing on the home page of the site all the Facebook feeds, which means you can follow us without a Facebook account.

Also, in addition to the “from the Driver’s seat Column” blog, we will have other Blogs hosted by some of your favorite team members. Stay tuned for more on this great feature.

We hope you enjoy this new site and look forward to your feedback. You can post your feedback in response to the blogs or send me an email at with your comments.

Life's Good Racing Performance driving training

You will see in our new site that we continue to evangelize the fantastic products we use on our cars from such manufacturers as HAWK Performance, which gives us the best brake pads and rotors in the business; Sparta Evolution, the new brake kit company which produced the kit on the #12 M3 that proved to be a potent, competitive edge, Competition Clutch (CCI), providing us with the ability to put that brutish power to the pavement; Dublin Big O Tires, who handle all of our tire needs with exacting perfection; WORKS Motorsports, masters of dyno-tuning and so much more when it comes to squeezing every ounce of performance out of your ride; Supertech, manufacturer of high quality engine components; and Red Line fluids, producers of nothing but the best in the business.

If you’re in the Tri-Valley area, drop by our shop in Livermore at 5625 Brisa St, Suite D and see all the great race cars we have the privilege to work on and fabricate. Cool stuff!

And, as always….See You at the Races!
Karl Chicca, Livermore, CA

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