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Round 2 WERC over and on to Thunderhill for EVERYTHING!

clip_image002_0015The Life’s Good Racing!TM  team went to Buttonwillow Raceway outside of Bakersfield to practice up on Friday for the weekend’s 3 hour Eunduro race and had very good results during that practice and test day.  The weather was great, the car count was low, and we exercised the #96 significantly. The proof came as Dave Brown put &96 on the Pole for the 3 hour day/night Endurance Race that was to start Saturday at 6:30pm.

All looked very good for our prospects in the race.  We had a strong car, which we made stronger with last minute changes, and we were confident in her reliability.  I (Karl) went out for the first 1.5 hour stint, holding our “hot shoe” for the final in-the-dark run.  We like the prospects.
clip_image007_0004Unfortunately, fate had other intentions for us.  The race was quite chaotic from the get-go.  We did not take the checkered flag the first time past the start-finish flag stand, but took it the second time by.  I was able to hold the P1 position for about a lap-and-a-half, but soon there after all hell broke loose as cars were going off track in a big way at every turn.  In the first five laps we were under double-yellow flags twice!  We even had a car break down and another limp back to the pits barely under power!

Finally, the green flew again and I had…. two laps… and joined the fray with a mechanical.  The race gods were frowning upon us as I limped into the pits only seven laps into the race with a drive train issue.  Crew Chief, Chris Hovey crawled all over the car and told me to give it a try, but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be.  I rolled into the back paddock, and that was all she wrote.
Most would think that this was a catastrophe.  I look at it as a great learning experience as we found something that needs to be addressed for even longer Enduros.  Sure, it would have been great to finish up front.  But, this was our first day/night race AND only our third time on track for this car.  This is what is referred to as “testing”.
Thanks to HAWK Performance for their phenomenal brake pads and rotors, we had nothing short of awesome braking both during practice/qualifying, and during racing.  Also, a HUGE thanks goes Competition Clutch for the fantastic shifting we had with our four-speed.  And, Red Lineracing fluids gave us the lubrication we need throughout the car to push her to the limit.
As previously stated, we gained good insight, and we move on to our next event which is quite the multi-faceted beast.  We go to Thunderhill Raceway THIS WEEKEND to compete in the first US Touring Car race in the Mitsubishi Lancer AND the #96 Camaro, in addition to competing yet again in Time Trials in #69 Camaro.
Additionally, if all goes as planned the Life’s Good Racing!TM  team will be debuting a new car in a yet-to-be-disclosed race series.  There is much more to come on this one!
Stay apprised of our goings-on at our website,, and at our Life’s Good Racing!TM  Facebook page facebook .  Come out to see us at Thunderhill this weekend, “Like” our Facebook page, and get a team hat.

Hope to see you…. At the Races!

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