Video: 550 Horsepower TA2 Camaro Hot Laps Thunderhill Raceway

By Clifton Klaverweiden
posted on Mar 14, 2013 in News on

Any day that you get to spend racing is a good day, and that is just why the guys who run this 2012 TA2 Camaro call their race team “Life’s Good Racing!”. In this video from YouTube we get to ride along with this race-spec Camaro as it makes a few practice laps around Thunderhill Raceway in preparation for NASA’s Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC). Best of all, this beast is powered buy a stout LS3 from Schwanke that pumps out 550 horsepower.


We talked with Dave Brown from Team Life’s Good Racing who filled us in on the details of the Camaro. “We will be running the WERC series with NASA as a primer this year,” says Brown. “We may also venture into various other competitions with the car: TA2, American V8 Super Cars and others. We are really targeting to win overall at the next 25 Hours of Thunderhill event held in December.”


The 25 Hours of Thunderhill is the longest endurance race held in the United States, and the Mercer Motorsports GT3 Cup Porsche 911 has made quite a habit of winning. In fact, they have won the last three years consecutively. However, this year the guys at Life’s Good Racing plan to change all that.”Yes – we do believe it’s possible to de-throne the GT3 Porsche from its dominance of the event with a big ‘ole Chevy hammer,” Brown tells us.

Check out Team Life’s Good Racing’s website and Facebook page for more info, and to keep up with how their road race Camaro is doing in competition.

Team Life’s Good Racing LS3 Camaro Road Race Car Specs
•1996 Howe NASCAR South West Tour perimeter chassis, adapted for road racing
•Jericho transmission
•Richmond quick change rear end
•Penske 7500 series double-adjustable shocks
•2010 Howe TA2 Camaro bodywork
•Schwanke pro-built dry sump LS3 – makes 550 HP on 91 octane fuel
•32 gallon fuel cell
•Hoosier bias ply slicks

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