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Some good and some mixed results at Buttonwillow & Two race weekends left

clip_image003_0004The Life’s Good Racing!TM competed last weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway outside of Bakersfield in round #5 of the US Touring Car Championships with all three cars competing.  Unfortunately, we lost the #96 Camaro during Saturday’s qualifying run a something damaged the driveline.  Most disappointing was the fact that going into the race I was in the points race for a season podium.  Well, as they say, there’s always next year!  On the upside, I was able to watch some fantastic USTCC battles from the tower both involving our team and others, particularly the GT cars.  What a great group with which to run!

clip_image006_0004Dave Brown entered the weekend second in season points in Touring Car class and John Klusendorf was fifth.  Dave started the race in P4 but was able to get a great jump on the field with his patented launch and entered the first turn in second!  Similarly, John was slotted in P6 but also had a great launch in the all-wheel drive Lancer Ralliart and was able to jump into third as seen in this picture going into the first turn of the race!

What ensued over the next 35 minutes was nothing short of war as the two not only battled competitors but also had to work their ways through slower cars in other classes racing on track at the same time.  Even more challenging was the ever-present risk of the famed Buttonwillow dust cloud caused by a car going off track and creating a stationary dust cloud so think that vision immediately drops to zero!  At speeds upwards of 125mph, entering a zero-visibility cloud can be, well, disconcerting!  Check out this video clip from Dave Brown’s vantage point going into the “Bus Stop” portion of the track by clicking on the “dust cloud” picture!

clip_image005_0010 After all the battles, Dave was able to hold onto another second place and thus maintain is second in season points going into the last race of the season.  John experienced some epic battles and placed fifth and also maintained his P5 position in season points.

The last round of the 2013 season will be held at Sonoma Raceway on Saturday, November 9th AND not only will it be the only Enduro of the season—a two hour Enduro—but it will also be the first day-night race EVER at Sonoma Raceway (i.e., Infineon or Sears Point)!!!  The race starts at 4pm and runs under the lights until 6pm.  It should be very exciting.

Prior to that weekend, the Life’s Good Racing!TM team will be competing at Sonoma Raceway October 26 and 27 in both Time Trials with #69 Camaro and in Super Unlimited in #96 Camaro.  We will also be privileged to have Mario Lento testing in the #96 Camaro that weekend as he entertains options in his racing career.  Along with being a long-time NASA instructor and compadre, Mario is also an exceptionally talented driver.  To quote Mario, “now I get to fully experience being part of something bigger than me with Life’s Good Racing. This IS really happening!”


Being able to provide such competitive cars to our team and to drivers testing for such an opportunities can only be achieved through having high confidence in our equipment.  This comes from selecting the highest quality in the industry and associating with companies which have the best to offer.  In our case, we have the strategic advantage of benefitting from support from such top notched companies as: HAWK Performance, Competition Clutch, WORKS Motorsports, San Rafael Mitsubishi, Big O Dublin, Supertech, Red Line, and Koenig.

See you at the races!

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